When I give this a serious-sounding name like bio, you think I’m about to go rambling about some high-brow Karl Popper philosophy. I would like to, but I understand how you would not want me to, so I decided to boil it all down to a bunch of ten things lists, with lists added every once in a while.

Be warned that as I discover new, and sometimes better, stuff, these lists are bound to change; but so far the rate of change has only been about once per 500 new discoveries. Start with a list you like below by hitting the + symbol.

But first, three clarifications: one locally and two glocally.

1. When you say Belvadi… no, I do not refer to any of the number of villages around Mysore named Belvadi. For starters, they are mostly either Belavadi or Belwadi, and even if you find one by name Belvadi, I still have nothing to do with it. Why the co-incidence? I have no idea.

2. Are you Italian? Too many people have asked me this. Once again, no, I am very much Indian. And I am aware my name sounds like/rhymes with very famous, very generic Italian names like Baldacci, Bellucci, Belzani, Brumidi, Bernardi etc. but that still does not make me any more Italian than Bruce Lee.

3. So you’re really Indian? This question often follows #2 above. (How do so many people come up with the same question?) Well, yes and no. My family is very varied. Part of our roots (at least parts I’m aware of) trace back to various cities between TN and KA states in India. But that’s only one part of it: we are also partly from/composed of Germans and Danes. So that’s Indian + German + Danish. But I was born in India, which, geographically speaking, makes me (once again) very much Indian.

And now on to the fun stuff!

  1. Secret garden
  2. The Corrs
  3. MLTR
  4. Andy Williams, Paul Anka, Frank Sinatra and Porter Wagoner
  5. Jean-Jacques Goldman and Renaud
  6. Barbra Streisand
  7. Bette Middler
  8. The Beetles
  9. Elton John, George Michael and Leo Sayer
  10. Simon & Garfunkel, The Bellamy Brothers and Neil Diamond

(Yes, I cheated; I mentioned more than ten. Ha!)

  1. The Godfather trillogy
  2. Amélie, Trois coleurs: rouge
  3. LOTR trillogy, The Star Trek series, Brett’s Sherlock Holmes series
  4. Beaches, Jeremy, A star is born and The way we were
  5. Lola rennt, Das lieben der anderen, Rope, Vertigo
  6. Les regle du jou, Dial M for murder
  7. The Prestige, Dressed to kill, Citizen Kane
  8. Anything with Al Pacino in it. Yes. Or Robert DiNiro, or Dustin Hoffman.
  9. Blow up, Meloncholia, Breaking the waves
  10. RoboCop I, II

(And I’ll keep myself from listing a flurry of others.)

  1. The Godfather, Fools Die, Omerta, The Last Don
  2. The mayor of Casterbridge, Tess of the dÚrbervilles
  3. The entire Perry Mason series
  4. The Picture of Dorian Gray
  5. Pride and prejudice, Silas Marner, Don Quixote
  6. A lot of John Le Carré novels
  7. The Alchemist, Who moved my cheese
  8. Hamlet, Macbeth, The taming of the shrew
  9. The entire Holmes series, The Moonstone, Mystrie de le chambre jeune, Poirot
  10. Headhunter, Jack Reacher series, Day of Jackal, Night of the Fox
  1. FF Coppola
  2. K Kieslowski
  3. A Hitchcock
  4. O Welles
  5. J Renoir
  6. R Polanski
  7. M Antonioni
  8. KW Wong
  9. Lv Trier
  10. S Kubrick
  11. F Fellini
  12. S Spielberg
  13. JL Godard
  14. F Truffaut
  15. S Leone
  16. A Kurosawa
  17. M Scorsese
  18. The Coen brothers
  19. T Malick
  20. A Kiarostami
  1. The X files
  2. Midsomer murders
  3. Sherlock, Alfred Hitchcock presents
  4. Dr Who, Poirot
  5. Star Trek and RoboCop
  6. 24 and Arrested Development
  7. Friends, Frasier, Seinfeld and The Cosby Show
  8. Don’t trust that b—- in apartment 23
  9. Mad Men
  10. Boardwalk empire and The Sopranos

(Lots of ties, eh?)

More? Let’s see in due time. But here’s a list of dislikes:

10 things I dislike
  1. Plagiarism, copying (very different from a. being inspired by something and b. giving a tribute to something)
  2. Low-waist jeans
  3. Fidgeting in general
  4. When people stand any closer than three feet of me
  5. Texting language/spelling (parenthetically, also bad grammar)
  6. Tilted photo-frames on walls and other out-of-order geometry
  7. Photoshop obsession
  8. Potato chips in a bowl (what were you thinking, salad?)
  9. People who call a serviette a napkin
  10. Grumpy fellows in aisle-seats in planes (yes, it happens every single trip)

+Venkatram Harish Belvadi