Are current events paving the way for a World War III? Breaking post cold-war peace pacts are taking us back to days like those which preceded several wars.

“Never use a long word where a short one will do” said Orwell rightly. Here’s a look at how we’ve been using big words of late and why we need to dial down.

NTFS is native to Windows, not supported by Mac. But support for it can be enabled on Macs with little effort so you can start using your hard drives today.

What is minimalism as a lifestyle? Does such a thing even make sense? No, argues the author, himself a deep believer and proponent of minimalist web design.

Why did a blogger, who had gained Svbtle’s precious invite-only access, decide to finally quit writing for Svbtle Magazine? Identity, community and a home.

The debate between camera phones and dSLRs is as old as camera phones themselves, but I am not here to debate. Traveling briefly this past weekend, I decided to see how various approaches to editing a photograph made on a phone could best help it to compare with control photographs made on a dSLR.…

A longtime Windows user has only good things to say about his new MacBook Air after using it thoroughly for several days. Includes many photos and a video.

Recently discovered pages suggest Lincoln had better formal schooling than previously believed. Here we examine his mathematical workbook from the 1820s.

Studying an animation that shows an octahedron with its vertices tracing circles, and we argue why ellipses and not circles are the true loci in 3D space.

Fleksy is a beautiful keyboard with powerful prediction built for speed that lets you think about what you have to type and not about the keyboard itself.