Random but meaningful thoughts on the Samsung Note 3 Android KitKat 4.4.2 update, and musings on wildfires, mobile phone photography at night and lots more.

Musings: we need to think twice before excluding stuff from our photographic frame for non-technical reasons or risk discarding that which would enrich our work.

Here is some more mobile photography: the results of my new-found admiration towards photographing with our handy everyday devices — smartphones.

A look at Fernando Eimbcke’s masterful, patient and character-filled exploration of life and the little things that shape it.

Te acuerdas de lake Tahoe – Spanish/Mexico – Fernando Eimbcke

A case for and against the feared death of classics, featuring The Beatles, Beethoven, Jan Kubelik, Beiber and other people whose works are alive and kicking.

Spending a day with nothing but his camera phone makes an amateur photographer realise how promising it would be to explore the world of mobile photography.

If agnosticism is defined based on knowledge rather than belief, is it a middle ground between theism and atheism? A conversation on Twitter attempts to answer.

A few thoughts on the lovely Rutscho-Dauwalder-Wysser-Nandakumar concert for classical guitars and flute from the Baroque era.

Finding it hard to make time for your photography? Meet Dmitry Medvedev — a man who can snack with Obama, run a country and find time to make photographs.

An argumentative photo-essay (following part 1) on photography as an art, as ground zero for critics and how biased perceptions abound in the world of art.