“Never use a long word where a short one will do” said Orwell rightly. Here’s a look at how we’ve been using big words of late and why we need to dial down.

NTFS is native to Windows, not supported by Mac. But support for it can be enabled on Macs with little effort so you can start using your hard drives today.

The debate between camera phones and dSLRs is as old as camera phones themselves, but I am not here to debate. Traveling briefly this past weekend, I decided to see how various approaches to editing a photograph made on a phone could best help it to compare with control photographs made on a dSLR.…

The ‘Ideas of March’ movement: Chris Shiflett’s approach to making you value blogs more and examine how admittedly quicker social networks are affecting it.

This extensive Lightroom guide will help you get started with Lightroom, understand the software and learn it inside-out to process your photos better.

Post a camera phone lens crack and fix, this is a brief account of my stepping back into mobile photography. Pardon my out of this world enthusiasm.

When you travel long and end up without good photographs right till the last day, will that strong need to return with a good photo fuel your creativity?

Guest blogging for SEO is frowned upon by Google. We take a second look at things a blogger must consider before publishing content submitted to their site.

Musings: we need to think twice before excluding stuff from our photographic frame for non-technical reasons or risk discarding that which would enrich our work.

Here is some more mobile photography: the results of my new-found admiration towards photographing with our handy everyday devices — smartphones.