The debate between camera phones and dSLRs is as old as camera phones themselves, but I am not here to debate. Traveling briefly this past weekend, I decided to see how various approaches to editing a photograph made on a phone could best help it to compare with control photographs made on a dSLR.…

This extensive Lightroom guide will help you get started with Lightroom, understand the software and learn it inside-out to process your photos better.

Post a camera phone lens crack and fix, this is a brief account of my stepping back into mobile photography. Pardon my out of this world enthusiasm.

When you travel long and end up without good photographs right till the last day, will that strong need to return with a good photo fuel your creativity?

Musings: we need to think twice before excluding stuff from our photographic frame for non-technical reasons or risk discarding that which would enrich our work.

Here is some more mobile photography: the results of my new-found admiration towards photographing with our handy everyday devices — smartphones.

Finding it hard to make time for your photography? Meet Dmitry Medvedev — a man who can snack with Obama, run a country and find time to make photographs.

An argumentative photo-essay (following part 1) on photography as an art, as ground zero for critics and how biased perceptions abound in the world of art.

Thoughts on going pro or being an amateur photographer. Why each option is better for two very different kinds of photographers. And can making money ever get along with making passionate photographs that you would love?

Milestone: read the last article for 2013!

Today, when dSLRs are becoming more affordable than ever before, here are five things people who are new to photography should be careful never to do.

This is a guest article by R. Selvam of A post a week… blog.