Thoughts on going pro or being an amateur photographer. Why each option is better for two very different kinds of photographers. And can making money ever get along with making passionate photographs that you would love?

Milestone: read the last article for 2013!

Today, when dSLRs are becoming more affordable than ever before, here are five things people who are new to photography should be careful never to do.

This is a guest article by R. Selvam of A post a week… blog.

Wondering how to write a blog post most economically? Here’s how and where I begin, and the exact steps I follow. And there are also several time-saving tips thrown in for good measure.

Five practical, time-tested tips and advice for personal blogging and how you can build a community around your blog/website while ranking high on Google.

Addressing an e-mail I received, I outline my take on blogging, how ideas germinate into articles and the outlook you should hold as a blogger yourself.

About the new 50-point manifesto detailing the spirit behind this website and the rules that govern it. Are you a blogger? This will surely interest you.

Photographs are decisions made moments before pressing the shutter. So here are 5 things to consider before making your next picture. And the one after that.

Thoughts on my photo book: printing, finishing, expectations, musings and more.

Join the author on a quest to re-create three photographs he had made some years back, in each case giving them slight twists and overcoming new obstacles.

Thoughts on whether delegation in newspaper editing is a good idea and how it may be done and construed very wrongly at times. Is the editor responsible for every inch of his paper?

An elaborate, argumentative photo-essay on photography as an art, as ground zero for critics and how technology is making artistic vision take second place.

A quick guide (with delicious pictures) to how I cooked my all-veggie pizza and got it to taste like a pizzeria’s