Are current events paving the way for a World War III? Breaking post cold-war peace pacts are taking us back to days like those which preceded several wars.

Why did a blogger, who had gained Svbtle’s precious invite-only access, decide to finally quit writing for Svbtle Magazine? Identity, community and a home.

A longtime Windows user has only good things to say about his new MacBook Air after using it thoroughly for several days. Includes many photos and a video.

The ‘Ideas of March’ movement: Chris Shiflett’s approach to making you value blogs more and examine how admittedly quicker social networks are affecting it.

Opinion on (a conjecture drawn from) Digg’s newsletter editor failing to label a sponsored link and their subsequently advertised lookout for a new editor.

An argumentative photo-essay (following part 1) on photography as an art, as ground zero for critics and how biased perceptions abound in the world of art.

Thoughts on going pro or being an amateur photographer. Why each option is better for two very different kinds of photographers. And can making money ever get along with making passionate photographs that you would love?

Milestone: read the last article for 2013!

Wally Pfister and Christopher Nolan part ways to direct their next films. How will the long-time teammates fare in a competition against each other in 2014?

As Ghost, a focused and beautiful blogging platform, is released publicly, here are a few ways in which it can improve; and why it must try to become more.

Opinion article on the current state of Indian politics: voters, voting systems, elections, how idealistic thoughts gain prominence and what’s the solution.