Here is some more mobile photography: the results of my new-found admiration towards photographing with our handy everyday devices — smartphones.

A case for and against the feared death of classics, featuring The Beatles, Beethoven, Jan Kubelik, Beiber and other people whose works are alive and kicking.

Spending a day with nothing but his camera phone makes an amateur photographer realise how promising it would be to explore the world of mobile photography.

If agnosticism is defined based on knowledge rather than belief, is it a middle ground between theism and atheism? A conversation on Twitter attempts to answer.

An argumentative photo-essay (following part 1) on photography as an art, as ground zero for critics and how biased perceptions abound in the world of art.

Thoughts on going pro or being an amateur photographer. Why each option is better for two very different kinds of photographers. And can making money ever get along with making passionate photographs that you would love?

Milestone: read the last article for 2013!

To err is human: a goof-up by the postal service makes one man think of all we would miss when machines of the future start to replace human post men.

Wally Pfister and Christopher Nolan part ways to direct their next films. How will the long-time teammates fare in a competition against each other in 2014?

As Ghost, a focused and beautiful blogging platform, is released publicly, here are a few ways in which it can improve; and why it must try to become more.

Addressing an e-mail I received, I outline my take on blogging, how ideas germinate into articles and the outlook you should hold as a blogger yourself.