Orient Union: the finest dress watch in recent times

Sometimes, when you open a product, it makes you jump uncontrollably with joy. The Orient Union is not one of those; it is a product that will make you straighten up, sit still, and take it in, slowly, calmly, its elegance sinking into you as you realise what you see here is not just another timepiece.

It’s a mechanical — with auto wind — which by itself makes the Union a remarkable timepiece. This is the kind of watch that should survive long, for sentiment rather than build. Although the build is by no means poor.

The Orient Union is a dress watch that borders on a luxury watch. Indeed by your definition, it could be classified as a luxury watch what with its day/date complications. I was interested in a day/date watch when I went for this, so I had to risk giving up the plainness that dress watches are associated with; however, the Union’s white dial, slick numbering, and carefully textured face have all led the watch community to consider it a dress watch.

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