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The term “Ha ha!” is an overused one in written English, and yet one we cannot live without. While it may seem that the word originates from the sound of human laughter, could there be a more interesting, but obscure, origin to this phrase?

A semi-serious infographic detailing 7 important principles underlying web design minimalism.

Following day 1, this is a detailed report of the final day of pre-production of the upcoming short film, ‘Telltale.’

A detailed report of day one of pre-production of the upcoming short film, ‘Telltale,’ based on Poe’s ‘The Tell-tale Heart.’

873 photographs carefully chosen from the 38, 297, 843 images in the Getty archives to tell a minute-long story of life, from birth to death, with quick photo-slides, no text at 15 images per second, all resulting in a viral video.

In this fun and entertaining keynote article, find out more about Lorem Ipsum, photography, Tumblr, WordPress, webdesign and millipedes.

Mondegreen – /m?n’d?-gr?n’/ n. A series of words that result from the mishearing or misinterpretation of a statement.

I have shifted through many blogs in the past, gaining an equally huge number of readers each time. This made me realize that what I post here is far more important in reaching a large audience than any advertising gimmick.…

After a brief research into the subject and after considering various common complaints received from around the Web, we have boiled spam comments down to five major types. All spams can be classified into these five types ((As of the time of creating this infographic.)).…

As PCWorld rightly pointed sometime out last year, the comparison of Google+ vs Facebook (which the masses generally draw) is an uneven one. Google+ is a far bigger picture for Google than one might imagine: my own way of putting it, as I have said to many of my acquaintances, is that Google is on its way to becoming a Skynet, although in a good way as things now stand.…