Origami is a short film about two men who have never met, between whom a bond develops as they begin exchanging a series of origami figures. Watch the trailer and view the poster in this brief post-production announcement.

This installment of “Nature diaries” explores the hustle and bustle of civilisation: who we are, our beliefs, our lives and the juxtapositions of society.

A look at Fernando Eimbcke’s masterful, patient and character-filled exploration of life and the little things that shape it.

Te acuerdas de lake Tahoe – Spanish/Mexico – Fernando Eimbcke

A case for and against the feared death of classics, featuring The Beatles, Beethoven, Jan Kubelik, Beiber and other people whose works are alive and kicking.

A few thoughts on the lovely Rutscho-Dauwalder-Wysser-Nandakumar concert for classical guitars and flute from the Baroque era.

Listen to and download all soundtracks from our well-received short film, “The Abel Photographer”, along with a preview of our new opening credits and more!

Wally Pfister and Christopher Nolan part ways to direct their next films. How will the long-time teammates fare in a competition against each other in 2014?

An ongoing orchestral piece based upon William Shakespeare’s tragedy, “Macbeth”. Listen to part of Act 1 completed so far as two movements in E-flat major.

It’s time to discover new music artists and their great works. This month, we meet German band, Enigma, and their haunting, melancholic experimental pieces.

Join me on a little aside quest to track down an old music cassette, a generation older than me, and surprisingly absent from the internet. Will the search succeed at all, or will it become a hunt for something clearly futile?