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On this website, I try to keep things clean; and while I prefer my readers to contact me via email, comments are definitely not an ignorable feature here. Therefore, this small outline of rules all comments made on this website must abide by.

First-time comments of any person are moderated. Subsequent comments appear on the site without pre-moderation. However all comments, even after publication on the site, may be subject to slight moderation to correct grammar etc. without distorting the expression and points of view. We welcome all kinds of thoughts and comments — supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise, so long as they are not written with an obvious intent of linking back to one’s own site. Additionally, comments including abuse, going off-topic, containing ad-hominem attacks, promoting hate, using foul language (generally non familial, including cussing,) and comments that are blatant spams are censored in full or, rarely, in part.

All comments are filtered through Akismet spam filtering technology which may at times flag false positives. If, after going through this comments policy thoroughly, you find your comment has been flagged and is not appearing over a long period of time, contact me via the tiny Contact button you see in the bottom left-hand of this page.

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