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A look at how photography on Google+ is organised by its unique daily photography themes. Also a quick list of the active daily themes on Google+. (Many thanks to Ray Bilcliff for the list.)


This is part 3 of a 4-part article series on Google+. Read the others here:

I have often remarked how Google+ is better than Facebook in more ways than one. Perhaps I will have to highlight this point now–and add that here on Google+ we are also a little (read: lot) more creatively organised–when it comes to photography and/or photo sharing.

Photographs shared on Google+ (and that issue of how Google retained copyrights to photos you shared, now being quite dead) are organised into what we call themes. These themes are based on the days of the week and are often curated by one or a small group of people who have considerable following (and time, if I may add.)

What daily themes are and how one can use them

Now the concept is simple: you can pick a theme (today is Saturday so I shall pick one of today’s themes) say, Sunset Saturday. Then post a photograph as required by that theme. In this case, of course, the description is quite clear to be sunset, but other themes may require some reading; or there are obvious themes pointing in obvious directions which to some may not be apparent. For instance  Benno Dielmann‘s Rolling Shutter Saturday which obviously requires you to click photographs using the rolling shutter techniques (which many people have no idea of. Trust me, I can name a few.)

Alright, once you have picked a theme and a photograph associated with it, share it on Google+ keeping in mind a unanymously agreed upon norm: you have to add this little piece of text to your post–(#Theme) curated by (+Curator/s)–without the parenthesis, of course.

Here is one of my photographs I put up a few minutes ago.

One last thing wish to mention is that while these themes are a fun activity, do not let them hinder your posting. If you have a picture that does not conform to the day’s theme (or if you have one but do not wish to post it!) never mind! These are just a neat way to stumble upon more photographs and they benefit you in a great many ways which I shall let you discover all by yourself!

Below is a list of active daily themes curated by some fun people (take a look at the curators too!) I did not compile this list, Ray Bilcliff did, on his blog, and I appreciate his efforts; therefore I have decided not to update this further: if you arrived here a long time after I published this, I suggest you go straight to True Portraits of Nature and take a look at Ray’s wonderful list (he’s kept it updated) and contribute to the impressive list of themes he, himself, is curating.








You might also want to circle Daily Photography Themes on Google+. It is a age dedicated to this topic, also accesible via #DPT.

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