IQ comes with strings attached

Eddie Rodriguez, for, wrote an amusing, yet interesting, article titled 5 Unexpected Downsides of Intelligence. It was interesting, but you know how articles can be: playfully funny at first look, with some reading between the lines heavily demanded. So I decided to examine the five traits in a more–perhaps the best way to put it would be conservative–manner (not using expletives, that is, for I absolutely detest them!)

#5. You are turning nocturnal!

You tend to stay up late into the nights, have erratic sleeping habits (much like my podcasting) and awaken late in the mornings.

Perhaps this is because the largely daytime-livers who make up almost all of the human population disturb you when the Sun is around. The night gives you calm to study or finish that Rubick’s cube in 19 moves or whatever it is that you are planning to do.

But staying late into the night has its own problems that outweigh its advantages. Most birds, much like humans, prefer to arise early in the morning and start singing (save the owls which are more intelligent for they are nocturnal? Not really!)

And yet, you are not the same as an owl: the owl is a nocturnal creature and you are not. So the owl staying up at night is as natural as humans staying up during the day; and it follows, as the night the day, that you staying up at night is as unnatural as the owl staying awake through daytime.

A statutory warning at this point: not all you who stay awake late into the night are people with high IQs; we are talking about those intelligent ones who saw it wise to burn the candle wick at night than use the Sun during daytime.

On a more serious note, artery stress and out-of-sync cardiac pulses will haunt you and eventually increase your chances of myocardial infarction (heart attack, that is.)

Obviously, that next generation of yours is also in equal danger, yes? Well, not quite, because…

#4. You are less likely to pass your genes

So you have a high IQ, eh? The chances are more than just likely that you will not give the Earth equally intelligent kids to bear.

Statistics have shown that people with high IQ are less likely to have families and are more likely to be aloof, inexpressive, unemotional and crouched in their own unbreakable shells (much like those of the zodiac, Cancer.)

Census reports that women dropping out of school had the most children while those who went through with their graduation had the fewest (and, in most cases, hardly any,) children.

And this does not apply merely for men or women; research has countries reporting the highest overall IQ has a lower birthrate.

Yet, impersonating these fallacies will get you no place better and it is a terrible way to show off that you have high IQ.

People with high IQ do not do stupid stuff… or do they?

‘Smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons,’ says author Michael Shermer

#3. You are the most likely to hit the self-destruct button!

Curiosity killed the cat and the man with a high IQ.

High-IQ bearing people are more likely to be curious than their low-IQ bearing counterparts. Obvious? Consider this: this means they are also more likely to get drunk easily and even try a sniff of that white powder (and eventually keep trying.)

Why? Firstly, because your brains seek out novelty (like staying up late into the night unlike normal humans,) and so you want to try everything out. Also, you tend to lose control without realising. The good news is that you do not lose your IQ.

Secondly, because research by scientists from the University of Toronto and Mount Sinai Hospital, who discovered a protein in an under-explored part of the brain, shows that this part controls both traits of curiosity and intelligence and–to put it bluntly–sometimes confuses each for the other.

I daresay you also mask this with your cunning for…

#2. You are a master liar!

As Eddie Rodriguez puts it, as a smart, high-IQ fellow, you probably know you are the high-IQ yielding guy out there. And you tend to use your powers of deception quite well.

Why is that? First of all, you know the truth and so you know the best lie (the loophole-free story those other dim wits cannot quite come up with.) Secondly, you can manipulate the lie, masterfully covering up the truth each time, much like mathematical equations.

It has been shown that the age at which you start lying determines the effectiveness of your lies and these two are in turn dependent on how high your IQ is.

An experiment was conducted with kids of two, three and four years of age, with a toy kept below a sheet and the kids being asked not to take a peek. But the kids did and how many lied about it?

25% of all the two-year-olds, 50% by the age of three and a whopping 90% of the four-year-old kids. Let me not go on anymore!

#1. You are most likely to fall for that cock-and-bull story!

One stat says it all: research has repeatedly shown that the fellows who fall for investment scams are those with better education all because they believe that they are immune to mistakes!

Researchers found that 94% of all college professors believe that their work is superior to that of their peers because they fail to realise that great intelligence and ability to solve calculus with nothing does not translate to real-world ability. Ultimately, they over-estimate the quality of their work.

As Eddie Rodriguez interestingly points out, Michael Shermer, author of Why People Believe Weird Things, says “Smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons.”

So you are smart, eh? It is time to be aware of these five points and do something about it. Come on. you are smart after all!

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