Blog recommends Josh Lobe — add spice to your posts with a new TinyMCE

Today we introduce you to one of WordPress’ best TinyMCE plugins, ‘Ultimate TinyMCE’ created by developer Josh Lobe. Take a look at its many features, join us as we beautify our articles with his codework and give him appreciation over at his blog. Then download two free addons to start adding spice to your posts!

[M]ake no mistake, as a long time blogger, I have a huge affection for HTML-heavy posts; I like to craft my articles with the necessary codes myself and admire the final product. But, let us face it, it is time consuming. It is wonderful, and fast, to replace a long piece of code with a few quick clicks of the mouse.

Enter TinyMCE (or Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor) — a platform-independent editor that allows you to handle HTML with buttons along the lines of a desktop word processor. And taking things a long way further for WordPress — and, from today, for too! — is awesome developer Josh Lobe’s Ultimate TinyMCE: ease offered on a silver platter for content creators like myself, who believe 24 hours a day is too little time, and most importantly for his major audience, bloggers who are not well-versed with HTML.

Features of Ultimate TinyMCE

Ultimate TinyMCE has a host of features that can redefine your blogging workflow, not to mention make it much quicker. Here we take a look at some of the important ones:

  • Included powerful upgrades to the image and link insertion buttons. Now you create mouseover and mouseout effects, and even add your own popup javascript windows when a user clicks a link.
  • Now featuring Emoticons! Currently included are the default 16 emoticons, as well as 32 new emoticons… with many more on the way.
  • Powerful editor buttons for font properties; now you can add your own custom CSS using drop-down menus. No need for mucking around in HTML.
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Inserting a Horizontal Ruler
  • Choose a background color
  • Choose a foreground color
  • Insert page anchors
  • Add and edit individual tables and their properties.
  • Search and replace text.
  • Visual Control Characters

This is just a glimpse into Lobe’s wonderful work.

Try it yourself!

Download AuroraThe great news for our readers is that Ultimate TinyMCE works best with our sponsor, Mozilla Firefox. If you have not downloaded it already, I recommend you do it now and experience the web in a whole new fashion.

Try the newest and most updated version, Aurora, by clicking on the logo to your left.

Along with this are two other free add-ons: the Ultimate Moods Addon and Ultimate Custom Styles. The latter is still in development and the former will give you a host of emoticons as mentioned above.

You can join the ranks of websites using this brilliant addition to their content management systems by downloading it today!

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