The lecture notes on this page cover all or parts of physics classes taught/lectures delivered across various levels and institutions. Some may be updated and/or improved over time and their latest versions will be linked to from this page for anyone interested in using them for either reference or learning.

Thoughts, criticisms and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Please feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail anytime. Below is simply a list of lecture notes without their contents for those who know what they are looking for or those who want to blindly dive in.

  1. Small oscillations (postgraduate)
  2. Fields due to moving charges (postgraduate)
  3. Radiating electrodynamic systems (postgraduate)
  4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (postgraduate)[2. Since I am not all that excited about NMR and its largely chemical implications, these notes are not as good as the others and I do not plan on making them any better. They will probably be pulled down in the future too.]
  5. X-ray diffraction by crystals (postgraduate)
  6. Mechanics (IAL – AS)
  7. Materials (IAL – AS)
  8. Statistics (IAL – AS)

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