The lec­ture notes on this page cover all or parts of physics classes taught/​lectures deliv­ered across var­i­ous levels and insti­tu­tions. Some may be updated and/​or improved over time and their latest ver­sions will be linked to from this page for anyone inter­ested in using them for either ref­er­ence or learn­ing.

Thoughts, crit­i­cisms and sug­ges­tions for improve­ment are always wel­come. Please feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail any­time. Below is simply a list of lec­ture notes with­out their con­tents for those who know what they are look­ing for or those who want to blindly dive in.

  1. Small oscil­la­tions (post­grad­u­ate)
  2. Fields due to moving charges (post­grad­u­ate)
  3. Radi­at­ing elec­tro­dy­namic sys­tems (post­grad­u­ate)
  4. Intro­duc­tion to Raman spec­troscopy (post­grad­u­ate)
  5. X-ray dif­frac­tion by crys­tals (post­grad­u­ate)
  6. Extrin­sic semi­con­duc­tors (post­grad­u­ate)
  7. Hall effect and cyclotron res­o­nance (post­grad­u­ate)
  8. Mechan­ics (IAL – AS)
  9. Mate­ri­als (IAL – AS)
  10. Sta­tis­tics (IAL – AS)

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