Jal Mahal-the small, but classy, palace on water in Jaipur, Rajasthan
Jal Mahal: classy

This classy palace, called Jal Mahal, the palace in water, is in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This picture dates a couple of years back when I had been there but by which time the palace had been closed for the public. Just opposite it is the Amber Fort where the shooting of the internationally acclaimed film, Jodha Akbar had then been scheduled. (But the film was never released here owing to public protests!)

Nice picture, isn’t it? Like This!

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  1. It just goes to show, some places are so beautiful that even an amatuer photographer clicks the best photographs. No offense!

    • That does show here, even if I say so myself.
      Frankly, I have not seen all of Rajasthan, but those parts which I have seen are every inch as beautiful as this.
      It is a remarkable place, and would, perhaps, have too much if only that desert was a rich grassland!

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