DSK set up? Who would profit from it anyway?


A 23 strong Grand Jury in New York is examining the evidence against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn (popularly known as DSK in France) as the man himself spends time in house-arrest under constant watch of police personnel. If they find sufficient cause, they will vouch for a full-scale trial and the United States government has promised a fair trial to the high-profile man who allegedly has quite an indecent history with women around him.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

But, whatever the United States government promises or however the court sees this case, statistics have now shown that 57% of France believes that the DSK issue was fabricated and that the man was set up. And the French have absolutely no conviction in the fair trial that has been promised to DSK. And why? For starters, in France individuals are not publicly transported or photographed in handcuffs. But every single wall in New York now stands adorned with DSK’s picture, in handcuffs.