10 more beautiful Android apps to download in 2013

After the almost unexpectedly huge reads our previous list of 10 beautiful Android apps to download received, here is a second lineup of newer, even more elegant looking apps for your Android smartphone.

The criteria: good to look at, good to work with, free and conforming to Android app design standards (or bending it in a good way!) How else would you define beautiful Android apps as a term?

Also, in keeping with the spirits of our last list, I have disregarded more popular apps such as Flipboard, Currents, Google+, Pocket and so on. In fact, the only truly popular app here is Evernote for reasons you will see below.

So, without further ado, take a look at these ten apps and download them all too!

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1. Circle

Find out who’s around

Circle app on the Play Store

Perhaps the newest app on this list, Circle, lets you find out which of your friends from various social networks are nearby. While it is not the first, and certainly not the only, location-aware friend-finder app we have seen, nobody quite does it as beautifully as circle.

It is minimalist, straightforward and feels simply beautiful to use. If you have even the teeniest life on the social web, download it without a second thought.

Download “Circle” from the Play Store

2. Zombies, run! 5k training

The fitness run app that makes running fun

Zombies, run! on the Play Store

If you are the kind of person whose talent is to come up with reasons for not finishing that long fitness run you planned for six months, this app might help you put an end to it — and do so beautifully. Continue reading

Munnar and INO: Day 2

Nothing much went on today. Remember that lovely thing from yesterday? Well I decided I can’t forget it. So I’ll live with it. And yet, do not ask me to expand on it.

I awoke and typed out a couple of pages of my script and then readied myself quickly to do nothing through the day. I decided that since I was on a holiday, I would rather do nothing (by nothing I refer to writing my script and reading some books) than go sightseeing. The point in taking a vacation is to cut yourself off from your daily schedule, not make things more rigid. So I was at my informal best and seemed to like it.

By afternoon, I was hoping to go out at least for an hour or two so I set off on a drive. Not stopping where everybody does or visiting places tourists frequent, rather just driving. It looked like six o’clock when it was actually three and began raining like I was in a rainforest. It happens. And not everything  can go right all the time.

So these were some pictures I managed to click with my tablet. (My camera wisely chose to stay back home.)

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