On why I think it is too early for biometric identification

‘Passwords have become obsolete’ was what IBM Speech CTO, David Nahamoo, said–at least effectively–in IBM’s Research News blog. His main point was that our current use of identification and security, our trusty passwords, were a) really insufficient security b) hard to remember. (Incidentally, I suspect Mr Nahamoo has over 50 log-ins to remember.)

Everything we do online, or via a computer, requires authenticating who we are – user IDs and passwords are our safeguard. But the security isn’t foolproof. Our IDs and passwords can be stolen and our mobile devices can be lost or stolen.”

–David Nahamoo[[/perfectpullquote]]

IBM 5 in 5 Security

Given that all my computers, especially my laptops up to this point, have been IBMs, I am particularly fond of–and familiar with–their multiple attempts at user security/protection. Perhaps the farthest back I can recall is the face recognition on my first IBM laptop. It was fascinating at first but I was forced to remove it when I ended up making faces in public just to turn on my PC.

It is really worse than it sounds. Anyway, then came their fingerprinting technology and that too was a nuisance to me until I changed my laptop all the way to the one I now own–free from any of that biometric hassle. At this point I may have come off as a biometric identification hater of some sort, but really, I am a fan of the entire concept so long as it does not leave those glazed pages of comic books. Continue reading