Wondering how to write a blog post most economically? Here’s how and where I begin, and the exact steps I follow. And there are also several time-saving tips thrown in for good measure.

Five practical, time-tested tips and advice for personal blogging and how you can build a community around your blog/website while ranking high on Google.

Addressing an e-mail I received, I outline my take on blogging, how ideas germinate into articles and the outlook you should hold as a blogger yourself.

In 2014, as we go Swiss style, we take a moment to explain to you just what Swiss style is, what minimalism is and then we meet Ghosts and IDL members. Fun!

Here are 7 tips worth following whether you are a new personal blogger or a seasoned one looking to brush up on your skills and make your blog more successful than ever before.

Mondegreen – /m?n’d?-gr?n’/ n. A series of words that result from the mishearing or misinterpretation of a statement.

I have shifted through many blogs in the past, gaining an equally huge number of readers each time. This made me realize that what I post here is far more important in reaching a large audience than any advertising gimmick.…

Today we introduce you to one of WordPress’ best TinyMCE plugins, ‘Ultimate TinyMCE’ created by developer Josh Lobe. Take a look at its many features, join us as we beautify our articles with his codework and give him appreciation over at his blog.

After a brief research into the subject and after considering various common complaints received from around the Web, we have boiled spam comments down to five major types. All spams can be classified into these five types ((As of the time of creating this infographic.)).…

The keynote article on the re-opening of VHBelvadi.com v2.0 in association with StudioPress. Now based on Genesis, the improved website has functionality rarely ever seen before, from subtle tweaks to open additions coded to craft a website readers would love to engage themselves with, contributors would dream of writing for!…

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“Eschew the monumental. Shun the Epic. All the guys who can paint great big pictures can paint great small ones.”

— Ernest Hemmingway

People often ask me why I write Flash Fiction. Surprisingly, some of my readers fail to understand most such works.…