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5 Types of Spam Comments you should be aware of (Infographic)

After a brief research into the subject and after considering various common complaints received from around the Web, we have boiled spam comments down to five major types. All spams can be classified into these five types1.

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  1. As of the time of creating this infographic. 

Welcome to my new weblog!

Blogging, to me, is two things: content and appearance. To most other bloggers, it means more. For instance, it means connection, discussion and perhaps even establishing a trade name or brand. And to bloggers with idealistic ideas, blogging is simply content.

Personally, I think that the latter is a extreme. Blogging is not all about content unless yours is a personal blog, and, if otherwise, you better have established a name before you start expecting any readers. This is because, as I have mentioned in an earlier post of mine, most visitors who have the potential to become your readers (let us just call them potential readers) turn away at the sight of a boring-looking weblog.

My point simply is that it is my idea that blogging, at the very basic, is content and appearance. While connecting also ought to exist in the 21st century, it need not be all that highlighted as most urge bloggers and website owners to make it. In short, as you have perhaps already gathered by now (not just from my saying all this now, but also from the look of my weblog itself) I am a fan of minimalist-styled blogs.

I was on WordPress at my old weblog before I migrated to this new address of mine, http://vhbelvadi.com (where you now are!) and I have been with WordPress almost as long as my blogging streak. I was on vox, in fact I started there and still am attached to it although the platform itself shut down a couple of years ago! I spent a fleeting moment on Blogger and absolutely detest it to this day. I also was on Posterous but found myself repeatedly gravitating towards WordPress (in spite of stumbling upon one Blog.com which looked like a replica of WordPress!)

Soon WordPress introduced Premium themes, what I thought was one of their major attempts at making money while claiming to be open source. My own idea is that an open source platform ought to be open source in every way possible. In fact, this affected me so much (and I am such a whistle-blower against paid services online, as this article will tell you) that no matter what brilliant new idea the Auttomatic team came up with, I could never get myself to look at WordPress the same way. Perhaps that sounded a tad melodramatic but that is how it is!

So I quickly decided, just this afternoon, that I would make my blog once and for all someplace that truly satisfied me and appealed to me; and I decided that my blog would look like how I, myself, wanted to have appeared, had I been a blog on the Web. That is to say, my blog would be me on the internet. Today, nearing a very late hour of the night, I think I have achieved just that.

The look of my blog is based on vintage books (for I am a book addict!) full with classy flourishes and a clean, minimalist white and black, straightforward colour blend that reminds one o a page in a classic novel. The typeset an occasional, sparing, use of grey gives it a very attractive and rich look that no glossy or grungy or intricately designed theme can possible compete with.

With tiny images and a hoard of subtle elements adding to an exceedingly bold look, I am now in a position to say that my blog, as you see it today, is exactly as I had imagined it years ago, but, quite sadly, had never been able to perfectly achieve—until today.

I therefore think I am not exaggerating when I say I deserve a pat, an applause and a long break! But the break would possible last for less than twelve hours as I will be back and blogging before you notice it!

Ah, the words I always pictured myself shouting from the top os the limestone clffs of England—or, perhaps, from atop the Drakensberg Mountains, as one of the last humans alive—I can now say with great justification: Welcome to my new weblog. A weblog that is really me!

Bloggers, reporters, journalists and the fine line in-between

The question as to whether bloggers are journalists is a much-debated and indeed over-blogged one. Try googling the phrase are bloggers journalists and you will quickly find that almost all of the results at the top have the same title and all lead to articles where an extensive examination is carried out on the topic. It makes no difference then, if I did the same. What I want to do instead is, in giving out my opinion, also comment on what I have read so far on the idea of bloggers as journalists.

One reason, perhaps, why the issue is on an all-time high at the moment is because of the Apple Asteroid, a yet-unreleased product which Apple Inc., claims is its trade secret. The big question was thrown to the public openly for the first time recently when three blogs, PowerPage, AppleInsider and ThinkSecret carried articles on the product which was never supposed to have fallen to public eyes. The catch? Can the bloggers take cover under laws protecting journalists and legally keep their sources confidential? Read more →


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