VHBelvadi.com recommends Josh Lobe — add spice to your posts with a new TinyMCE

Today we introduce you to one of WordPress’ best TinyMCE plugins, ‘Ultimate TinyMCE’ created by developer Josh Lobe. Take a look at its many features, join us as we beautify our articles with his codework and give him appreciation over at his blog. Then download two free addons to start adding spice to your posts!

[M]ake no mistake, as a long time blogger, I have a huge affection for HTML-heavy posts; I like to craft my articles with the necessary codes myself and admire the final product. But, let us face it, it is time consuming. It is wonderful, and fast, to replace a long piece of code with a few quick clicks of the mouse. Continue reading

Dear Rapidshare, I can wait!

Our once user-friendly websites are going from good to bad to worse. While there has always existed the league of the Pro or Premium customers who paid to satisfy their wants while those with free accounts survived just as well, satisfying their needs, the distinction between then and now, in my opinion, is that this bug has caught on to websites that once delivered quality goods (that is the most general term I could think of) and it is making everybody appear money-minded. Continue reading