Apple, Google or Microsoft — whoever wins, you lose

It is entertaining — perhaps even pleasing — to watch such tech giants as Apple, Google and Microsoft battle it out year after year. And it is fun to take sides (we always do that). But it is becoming increasingly clear that no matter who wins in the end, and at whatever rate, us consumers will be little more than sore losers.

I must admit, this was neither clear nor obvious to me a couple of years back — and why should it be? I was immersed in the Android ecosystem; and I can say this much for certain: anybody who has not seen outside Android cannot possibly understand the gravity of this situation. Continue reading

Steering clear of the pitfalls of guest blogging

The concept of writing for others and having others write for you are time-tested ones. Around the end of last month, Google’s Matt Cutts spoke about guest blogging and how it might hurt more than it might help if not looked over carefully. My thoughts on this issue are pretty similar, but here are Mr Cutt’s:

A lot of new bloggers end up finding ways to measure themselves and their writing: subscribers, hits, comments, and, perhaps most misleadingly, the number of guest blogging pitches they receive.

Guest blogging has two faces: the submitter’s and the publisher’s. And, while both intend to reach a larger audience (i.e. Continue reading

Android KitKat, roadside fires and other random thoughts

I cannot complain about today, or yesterday, for that matter, even if I saw a couple of exhibitions of carelessness. On my usual cycling circuit I noticed (apart from other struggling cyclists) this fancy little fire:

The Earth isn't yours to wreck
The Earth isn’t yours to wreck

What you see here was actually part of a larger fire lit next to an open coconut farm with dried hay and a pub some 200 metres away. Adds up?

And since I had stopped to shoot this, and since I had already breathed in some smoke, I decided to keep doing that while I made this fun shot of a bus passing by (and that photo you see at the beginning of this article too). Continue reading

A day with Google Glass and the driverless car

(This is a work of satire. Sometimes, satire makes you laugh. Please read it in one sitting for instant therapeutic effects.)

Part 1

A car is born

Even as congress passed bills to introduce one-way sliding glass halfway through taxicabs in New York to get rid of driver-passenger contact in an effort to decline increasing sexual assault cases on women passengers in taxis, Google decided to splurge its tax money on an alternate solution: getting rid of the driver.

It was most likely how the company’s second most ambitious project came into being. (The first was a backrub.) An alternate story goes thus: a Google employee named Coegi Princeps, in his designated fourteen-hours-a-day leisure time at Mountainview, came up with an idea that he presented to CEO Erikus Schmitdtd. Continue reading

Google Keep: is Google’s new note-taking app really meant for you?

Google is great in many ways and falls back in others: consider, for instance, the back button on devices running Jelly Bean 4.1-2 that seems to have a brain of its own. (I am not the only one with that complaint.) And now its newest product, the note-taking app, Google Keep, is out. Is it any good, though?

The search engine and mobile OS giant — which had the capacity to greedily take over more than 75% of the market — realised it was high time it brought in a note-taking app for all its users. And about five years later, it did; but, not only did it come late to the party, it also came wearing the wrong costume. Continue reading

Google: 5 more awesome things you never knew you could do!

A WHILE AGO I had written an article on five fun things you could do using Google’s products and the company’s sense of humor. Now, I have five more for you!

The last time we saw, Google was busy playing totally witty pranks at Matthew Inman, but these little surprises — called easter eggs — that Google has hidden for the rest of us are from a while before that. Nonetheless, they are still great places to visit when you are on the internet and have nothing to do, but do not want to leave your computer alone. Get my point? Continue reading

Google: 5 things you never knew you could do!

ONE OF THE most common fun things you find people doing on Google is the barrel roll. But let us forget the common stuff for a moment and see what other such cool (but really, the word is nerdy — and I confess it definitely applies to me!) stuff you can do on that seeming innocent Google homepage. Well, nerd or no nerd, I am certain these five things are stuff you will really want to try out as you read along.

Remember, in all these cases — weird as it may look — you can still continue to use the Search page just like normal. Continue reading