I said I experienced satiric haunting!

I’ve heard of haunting yourself to death, but laughing yourself to death is unheard of insofar as you are sitting in a theatre amidst hundreds of shivering anthropological beings, all firm believers in the supernatural. And yet, you will find that you don’t really feel odd: you make the others feel odd.

Last night found me at a theatre nearby, watching what was supposed to be a horror film in some small way. It was called Haunted in what was perhaps the most misleading name this past century (the only other one rivalling it being the Hindi Film Industry.)

The whole two hours and a half were the most stereotypical hours I have ever spent. Continue reading

Five things that will make your short story riveting

On a website, you have about ten seconds (maximum) to make an impression on your visitor that will decide whether they stay or not. In a short story, as far as my experience is concerned, it is just the first sentence.

Simple as they may seem, short stories are as complicated and as challenging to write as a novel, mainly because they tell us the same story in a smaller area, with fewer words and without leaving out details.

This really means that not everybody can write short stories that will hold its readers for long.

Below I present five tips that I, having written many short stories all of which have got great reviews and readership, believe any short story writer needs to keep in mind while building that brilliant piece. Continue reading