On Physics and Hinduism

Image courtesy, Be good stewards of mother earth.
Image courtesy, Be good stewards of mother earth.

At¬†the entrance to the Centre for European Nuclear Research (CERN) stands a 2 metre tall statue of the Hindu deity, Nataraja¬†(see above). To the unaware, it looks like something out of place: something that does not belong in one of the world’s largest scientific research institutions. But it is only one instance of the compatibility between physics and Hinduism. Continue reading

Start cleaning that fan, will you!

Ceiling fanI was reading today’s paper when I came across this question somebody had asked in the readers’ column: Why does a constantly rotating ceiling fan gather more dust than a stationary table fan? It was, at least, something along those lines.

Now I do not really know why I wanted to read the answer considering I knew it already, but I did and what I read rather shocked me.

The person who had answered it, no doubt an able, knowledgeable man, took to equivocation and beating around a bush that perhaps never existed. His whole argument was based on a ‘throw’ and an ‘impact’ that he referred to ever so often. Continue reading