Evernote Mobile – Part 1: Getting started

If you have not heard of Evernote, you definitely are living under a rock. Evernote is a powerful, cross-platform, note-taking and collaboration app. And if you read our recent notes-app comparison, you will see just how feature-rich Evernote is.

Now, on the other hand, if you have not yet got started with it for some reason, that is excusable. With this seven-part series, you are sure to be an advanced Evernote user (we call ourselves ‘Evernote junkies’) and — here is the real deal — you will be using Evernote not just as a note-taking app, but as one to improve your productivity and (seemingly) lengthen you day! Continue reading

7 Principles of minimalism in web design (Infographic)

HERE’S MY LATEST infographic detailing 7 principles commonly followed in minimalist web designs. For the most part, these 7 principles may be applied to offline work too.

This time I stuck to a more serious tone, but not one that would sound all that lacking in lightness. More updates soon; until then do send me your thoughts!

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