You should start a blog

For as long as I can remember, I have been recommending to people that they start blog; to write as frequently as possible, no oftener, no rarer. And to have the patience to let blogging become your hobby more than your habit because that is when the many dimensions of the craft become clearer, and that is when it starts to have a profound and lasting impact on your life. Blogging, once nurtured as a hobby, has the potential to have an impact as deep as reading itself and all this is simply because blogging is not entirely different from journaling or essay– or diary–writing and the like: a common art that have been around since mankind itself in different manifestations. Continue reading

Learning LaTex and more

I was re-reading a series of essays by a physicist, that I had recently published on my website. It was one of those works that you had, as an aspiring physicist, been looking for but never got.

I have only recently taken to become an active participant at Physics Forums and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a thread that directed me to one ZapperZ’s postings covering everything that one ought to know right from Undergrad to PostDoc so that they will not have to end up saying ‘I wish someone had told me all this back then.’

One of the major things I learnt (apart from the fact that a physics major will have to learn more mathematics than a mathematics major) is that a new necessity for a physics student is learning at least two programming languages: preferably C and Fortran. Continue reading