The Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter: an opinion in comparison – Part I

The comparison between The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter has existed ever since the latter series became one of the widest read works of fantasy, urging the world to take notice of it for The Lord of the Rings was, and still is, the first and last word in the Genre and well nigh in all of English fiction.

As a fan of The Lord of the Rings (which I shall henceforth refer to as LOTR) the first thought that struck me when I read Harry Potter was that it was yet another spin off of the grandfather of the genre, and I still hold that view with great foundation. Continue reading

Five screenplays to read before you die!

I am a great fan of literary works of various genres: novels, novellas, plays, short stories, screenplays and poems (though I do not fancy poems as much as the other five.)

And we have often seen people giving us definitive lists of the five or ten (or even one-hundred, as we have seen from the American Film Institute,) films to watch before you die; but, inspired from these—and deciding to put my long time habit of reading screenplays of movies I have watched, or am going to watch, into practice—I decided to come up with my own list of screenplays for you to read as soon as you can lay your hands on one. Continue reading