Top blogging niches — a commentary

While on one of my strolls through the Internet I came across an article that boldly claimed to state the top three blogging niches. It began with a declaration and a flaw: that when one is starting a blog, he must chose a profitable blogging topic.

The declaration is pretty straightforward—in fact it is pretty and straightforward—but it could not have been more vague. While the idea of evergreen is fairly obvious, what does it mean to be profitable? A blog that showcases the talents of the writer? A blog that gives great substance, no matter how small the article itself? Continue reading

On scuffling and seeking solace

Anger management
Why do we fight?

Why do we fight?

People have different takes on this subject. By fight I don’t mean wars, rather those little verbal exchanges that entertain some and hurt some. I remember the story of a monk I once read. He was faced with the same question as to why we fight. I found it interesting how he went about it.

“Tell me,” he asks an acquaintance, “why do people fight?”

The other fellow proceeds to explain to him with an example. They go to a restaurant and the man asks the monk to sit down. “Now let’s fight over this table” he says and proceeds to create a scene.  Continue reading

On Nautical Tourism in the Lastovo Islands

I had been leafing through a book, Ecological Economics from the Bottoms Up, a massive 533 page document full of quality articles in ecological economics, when I came across one on the development of nautical tourism in the Lastovo Nature Park (Z Jakl, I Bitunjac and G Medunic-Orlic; “Nautical Tourism Development in the Lastovo Islands Nature Park,” The CEECEC Handbook: Ecological Economics from the Bottoms Up, It set me thinking, though not necessarily arguing, and finally I came up with this short piece on a few highlighted points in the report. Continue reading