7 Tips to care for your Android phone and make it as good as new

There are a handful of thousands of Android phones on the market right now, ranging to the very affordable to the dreamy. It is quite understandable then if one says not all phones can perform as well as the market leaders and flagship models such as Samsung’s Note and SIII or HTC’s One.

Perhaps you spent a fortune on your Android phone and want it to work flawlessly; or perhaps you did not spend much and still want it to perform just as well. Whichever boat you are on, the best thing about Android is that there are simple practices you can follow and soon have your GALAXY Y performing like an Optimus, your Optimus like a Wildfire, you Wildfire like an Ace, your Ace like a Desire, your Desire like an XPeria, your XPeria like a GALAXY S, your S like a top of the line GALAXY Note or SIII. Continue reading

Simplifying and understanding Google’s new privacy policy

A week ago, on March 1st 2012, Google’s big step forward came into practice in earnest. When they first made their proposed new privacy policy public, half its users did not understand what it really meant. Within a month, a number of people spoke against it and many even vowed to delete their Google accounts. As it happened, not half of them had really understood what the new policy meant, and, most importantly, what was different from the old one.

In short, the main point put forth by the changed policy is that Google — which used to keep its user history from Google Search and YouTube separate — can now combine collected user data in order to deliver better results and show advertisements that have a greater probability of attracting your click on them and hence make the Search Giant some good money. Continue reading

The New Google and Google+

On June the 28th some lucky ones—including me—may have noticed a small tweak in Google’s homepage and most of its services save Gmail. And on Wednesday, this trial feature was formally launched for a larger groups, but still a limited one, of users around the world. Perhaps the most noticeable of these—at least the one that caught my eye—was the black bar at the very top of the page.

“We’re working on a project to bring you a new and improved Google experience, and over the next few months, you’ll continue to see more updates to our look and feel,” said Google’s digital creative director, Chris Wiggins. Continue reading

On why 2011 is a year to take heed of the climate

Perhaps Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, belongs more to the present times than a few years back when it was released. I remember having watched it in school, and there was hardly anyone in the class who was not mesmerised by it. And we were young then. It is quite surprising, therefore, to see much older men, leaders of nations not being awakened by its call.

This year, we saw them alarmed. And they had a good reason for it: this year, 2011, is coming as close to a terrifyingly erratic and human-unfriendly climate as we have ever seen before. Continue reading