Flickr: 1TB free storage, full resolution photos for free — what happens to Flickr Pro?

Marissa Mayer was Yahoo!’s long due luminary. This past week, while the limelight has been on Yahoo!’s Tumblr acquisition which Ms Mayer promised not to screw up, the company conveniently — and quite interestingly — kept their plans for Flickr under wraps. Today, Flickr just got a new lease of life but with confusing things happening to Flickr Pro.

A powerful product

Flickr was doubtless Yahoo!’s most powerful product albeit being underrated in recent times. What was once quite a revolutionary service had begun to grow stale in terms of design and feel while still retaining a powerful inner working. Flickr felt abandoned.

One of the biggest petitions Ms Mayer got when she left Google to take over the helm of Yahoo! was to resurrect Flickr — I remember I was one of the millions who signed that petition.


I always loved Flickr. It was powerful and social and accessible like no other photo sharing site, and it remains so even today. While Google+ and others have fast developed, Flickr is a whole new game on an entirely different playground nobody has dared to venture into given Flickr’s dominance with millions of account holders and over 8 billion photographs shared.

Flickr versus the competition

This is also why I still have and will continue to renew my paid, Flickr Pro, account on Flickr. (We will come to that shortly.) Now several other services are vying to dominate the market, including SmugMug, ZenFolio, 1px and perhaps the youngest of the lot, 500px. Continue reading

Munnar and INO: Day 3

Today is my last full day at Munnar. Tomorrow morning I head further south to the proposed India Based Neutrino Observatory site near Theni, Tamil Nadu. While the first half of today I spent mostly in the resort, typing, reading &c. I spent most of the later part of the day driving around the mountains, exploring parts–or rather paths–that I had only been to a few years back when I had spent about four days in this very place, in this very resort and in a room neighbouring the one I had been in previously. Like the last two posts, here are the pictures:

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Munnar and INO: Day 2

Nothing much went on today. Remember that lovely thing from yesterday? Well I decided I can’t forget it. So I’ll live with it. And yet, do not ask me to expand on it.

I awoke and typed out a couple of pages of my script and then readied myself quickly to do nothing through the day. I decided that since I was on a holiday, I would rather do nothing (by nothing I refer to writing my script and reading some books) than go sightseeing. The point in taking a vacation is to cut yourself off from your daily schedule, not make things more rigid. So I was at my informal best and seemed to like it.

By afternoon, I was hoping to go out at least for an hour or two so I set off on a drive. Not stopping where everybody does or visiting places tourists frequent, rather just driving. It looked like six o’clock when it was actually three and began raining like I was in a rainforest. It happens. And not everything  can go right all the time.

So these were some pictures I managed to click with my tablet. (My camera wisely chose to stay back home.)

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