With Apple’s iPad 3 released recently, here are 3 things they safely left out of their device specifications, videos and release conference. We examine what is new in the device, how great it is and where all it can improve. Perhaps there is also a little disappointment for us photographers?
[W]ith Apple’s latest addition to its tablet lineup released a few days back, it is worth taking a closer look at some of the things that Apple have not been making too much noise about. Make no mistake, the new iPad is a great device, incorporating the iPhone Retina display (which is a great news since this website optimised Retina on the iPhone all this while and is now supported by the iPad!) and the striking Gorilla glass accompanied by an impractical, but pleasurably huge, 2,048 by 1,536 pixel display.

But, in spite of Apple resorting to its usual bar tricks and releasing what seemed to be a complete specifications video on their device, there appear to be some subtle points the company thought wise to leave out. In today’s post I examine some of those.

Bigger apps, smaller memory

Oh, yes, HTC’s signature problem, the lack of internal memory — and, at times, expandable memory — does not seem to have left Apple alone. With Retina being introduced in the new iPad, it was quite obvious that the initial memory to be provided must be increased; but Cook and his men have stayed on with the iPad 2 16GB and 32GB variant habit.

In other words, with Retina compatible apps now being made available for the new iPad, users will have to continually make space (read ‘delete stuff’) because these things are known to take tonnes of bytes of space. In fact, they were solely and directly responsible for the surge in the company’s 3G download upper limit.

Photographers cannot rejoice after all

On the one hand, the huge resolution of display is sending waves of cheers in the photography community, but, on the other, as some of us pointed out, this really is incompatible with most full-resolution photographs. That is to say, photographers cannot carry around the best looking versions of their work as they had hoped to with the release of iPad 3. So, any photographer with a 19 mega-pixel (or more) camera cannot see his full images.

Moreover, 1080p videos happen to be the upper end of the new device, so an unimpressive expansion to its 2,000 by 1,500-odd screen size is practically useless; but some might be satisfied with the Retina making it up for this, so it is not too much of a problem, but one that certainly can do with more improvements.

Dimensional problems

Apple perhaps wants the new iPad to be a photographer’s companion, as Discovery News puts it. The way I see it, this highlights its near-impractical dimensions, that handling-unfriendliness that I have so often pointed out (and which has also convinced me not to give away my awesome 7″ tablet for a bigger one.)

In order to make for a bulkier battery, the iPad has got physically bulkier — heavier. With its thickness increased by about 0.05″ and its mass by 0.11lbs, the iPad probably wants to redefine some sort of chic style in lugging around bulk. But fitting in Retina and so little space that you can hardly do anything seamlessly with it without getting bugged by space scarcity is not the most welcome screen for an iPad 3 buyer.

Besides, think of the stares you will attract when you hold up your 10-inch, slate-like, device in front of your face, armed with a paltry 5 mega-pixel camera trying in almost certain vanity to shoot a quality photograph.

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