Dear The Hindu, it’s the 21st century

It is a pity that the only newspaper I trust (and read) in India, The Hindu, is notoriously difficult to consume in any but the most ancient format. Being made available in digital media is not an empty trend and need not divert from good journalism. It also need not — and should not — be second to it. And as our style of news consumption evolves, it will (as sad as this truth may be) take more than good journalism to stay relavant.

In this age the news and the medium we consume it in go hand-in-hand, and this fine newspaper seems to be letting things slip. Take The New York Times for example, coming from another old news house — over a quarter of a century older than The Hindu — which has arguably the best digital presence today. And it’s journalistic standards have not dropped in making a move from broadsheet to phones, tablets and PCs. It is, after all, the 21st century, and The Hindu must buck up. Continue reading


There was once a time when Google Reader was the top dog in RSS aggregators. And then Google shut it down, much to the dismay of its million-strong user-base, like it almost habitually shuts down services (Knol, iGoogle, Google Talk, Buzz, Answers etc.) In fact, there exists something called a “Google graveyard”. In any case, while some got replacement services, Reader never did.

That was when a lot of us moved to Feedly, but soon Feedly (which was fully free up to that point) created a pro subscription with all the good stuff. It did not make sense to me to pay monthly fees for the convenience of reading a bunch of articles when the articles themselves were free. And thus began the search for the (near-)perfect RSS reader app on my iPhone and today, it appears, we have an winner. Continue reading

Feedly: the best Google reader alternative and replacement

It is hard on many that Google is burying Reader forever; it is even more so for those of us who absorb hundreds of pages of textual content from a hundred different sources everyday. But, with Google burying so many products I have grown indifferent to these deaths. In fact soon after I learnt Google Reader was being thrown out the window, I switched completely to a new service, Feedly — in my opinion, and in many others’, this is the best Google reader alternative.

Right now — and for quite some time, by the look of things — Feedly promises to be the best alternative to Google Reader and quite a product of its own once you get to know it. If you used Google Reader too (or are looking for a product like it) here is why Feedly is the best out there, how you can move all your stuff over to Feedly and how you can effortlessly make it a part of your day. And in sync, as the guys at Feedly would put it.

Hold on, what on earth is Feedly?

First things first: Feedly is a content aggregation service that lets you keep updated with content from your favourite sources all around the web. As you stroll around the internet, you are bound to find several websites (such as this one, for instance!) interesting and you might want to keep in touch with that without manually visiting each and every website.

With Feedly you can add and organise your sources, find interesting stuff, read, share and perhaps even save some green by letting go of your newspaper subscription. Continue reading