5 steps to set up the perfect Android home screen

If there is one, and only one, matchless feature offered on Android and on no other platform, it is a fully customisable home screen. There are widgets, icons, even a possible re-sizing on every account, and basically anything else you can think of. Lets make your Android home screens yours!

But this is too much to some folks, and they just go about splattering their home page with stuff to the point of being frustrated with it, even getting lost in it, and then calling Android an untidy or unfinished product. Sometimes the fault lies within us, and oftentimes a majority of Android users’ biggest mistake is not maintaining an organised home screen.

Why you need organised Android home screens

The point of having a home screen (and not using your apps screen as your starting point) is to make every touch, pinch and swipe of your phone a pleasure to see and an ease to use. A cluttered home screen with too many widgets spoils the purpose.

But that is not all: a well arranged home screen can easily reduce touches and screen gestures, thereby lengthening your phone’s lifespan.

Below is an example of an Android home screen that is organised. This is my own, and I have set it to my taste: minimal, yet with everything at hand.

V.H. Belvadi's old Android home screen
V.H. Belvadi’s old home screen

While certain other platforms have rigid and static grids of square icons, Android gives you a blank canvas upon which you can create any setup that works for you… There’s practically no limit to what you can do.

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