Perhaps Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, belongs more to the present times than a few years back when it was released. I remember having watched it in school, and there was hardly anyone in the class who was not mesmerised by it. And we were young then. It is quite surprising, therefore, to see much older men, leaders of nations not being awakened by its call.

This year, we saw them alarmed. And they had a good reason for it: this year, 2011, is coming as close to a terrifyingly erratic and human-unfriendly climate as we have ever seen before. Five times a mass extinction has occurred according to studies, and the next one is not due another 300 years. But these calculations had no place for our exponentially worsening irresponsibility towards climate in them. And with theories of a doomsday fast approaching, people world-over seem to have taken keen interest in the climate, leaders of nations included. They have awoken; we have awoken. Or so it seems. Then, what next? Read more →