Photography checklist: 5 things I check every time before pressing the shutter

We have all, at one point or another, missed what we would like to think are award winning photographs. Whether they are or not is secondary; the point is, we missed it — or we messed it. I believe that a lot about your photograph is determined moments before you press the shutter, so making right decisions at that moment is vital.

A few words of introduction

I have never written tutorial-style or how-to articles on photography on this website, and I do not intend to, so please do not consider this as one. This is more of a how I do it description which you might find helpful in your own photography. Continue reading

Guide to buying a digital point and shoot camera

Or, how I bought a great camera and how you can too!

There are way too many p&s cameras out there in the market and almost everybody seems to portray their products as more worthy a buy than another. But how much can we bend before we break?

I faced the same problem when I was contemplating on which camera to buy, and after a few weeks’ repeated consideration which required quite a lot of endurance, I finally ordered one. But I learned an extensive lot in the process: terms I never new existed, stuff I never knew mattered and more stuff I never knew meant nothing. Continue reading


A ship anchored near the coast of GoaThis is a ship I happened to spot anchored a walkable distance (if you could walk on water) from the last sand in the Goan coast in India. It was a silt remover which was to be decommissioned soon, we learned from the captain. The picture really does not do justice to its size. How large was it? Try to figure it out yourself: the length of the vessel from the blue chimney you see to the extreme left end is the length of an average Indian main road. Not the breadth, but length. Is its sheer size alone not mind-blowing? Continue reading