One fell swoop

How one wrong move on Google+ can help you lose half the Web

I left Facebook for Google+ a while ago, although not many have found doing that to their liking. While why anybody would want to remain with Facebook (except, perhaps, for its Pages feature) is beyond me. But that is another issue altogether. In spite all these indications, Google+ received positive reviews and reached 10 million sign-ups in no time. And yet one policy of Google+ seems to bother everybody.

The use of your real name

A huge lot of people get thrown out of Google+ for registering with fake names (including sugarguy postman and teddy teddybear which I came across somewhere!) All Google asks these people to do is prove that those names are really theirs; and since those fellows cannot, Google throws them out—they will effectively be barred from using any Google service under that name. Continue reading