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From a (s)awesome Facebook status update

I think the makers of the film called the ‘Saw’ films by that name just so people could have the following conversation:

A: Did you see Saw?
B: Yeah, I saw Saw.
A: Did you see Saw 2?
B: I saw Saw 2 too.
A: Did you see Saw 3?
B: No, but I saw Saw 4.
A: What did you see Saw 4 before you saw Saw 3 for?

This is what Facebook is for!

The social world online, I believe, is divided into three categories: Facebook fanatics (who live half their lives on Facebook,) Facebook users (who know their limits,) and Facebook ignorant (Facebook? What is that?)

I watched The Social Network seven months after it was released (I got my hands on it only in May!) and thought the film was interesting and well-laid. The screenplay was Oscar-worthy but most of the story was made up–except Zuckerberg’s wardrobe which, he said himself, the film had portrayed correctly every single time. But the point in a film is that it has to entertain and The Social Network did its job well.

Who would have expected now, three years after the incidents in the film, that Facebook would become so entertaining to people? Read more →