Apple vs Samsung: an explanation and an in-depth look with the latest updates

Since Apple sued Samsung in the US in April last year — and Samsung sued Apple in return in Japan, Korea and Germany — the Apple vs Samsung feud has been under keen watch in tech circles around the world.

While we have, inevitably, seen people taking sides, we have also seen several funny memes and other, more serious, discussions for both sides. And there are enough grounds to justify all of them.

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Apple sues fridge for looking like an iPad
Image courtesy, original artist/s: as seen on TechlineInfo

In this article we will take a look at what exactly the biggest lawsuits are all about so you can make an informed decision before picking sides (you know you want to!) We will see what Apple and Samsung are fighting over, in common man’s language; what is at stake here; and how, as the two biggest technological companies in the world battle it out, the rest of us turn out to be the biggest losers. Continue reading

This is what Facebook is for!

The social world online, I believe, is divided into three categories: Facebook fanatics (who live half their lives on Facebook,) Facebook users (who know their limits,) and Facebook ignorant (Facebook? What is that?)

I watched The Social Network seven months after it was released (I got my hands on it only in May!) and thought the film was interesting and well-laid. The screenplay was Oscar-worthy but most of the story was made up–except Zuckerberg’s wardrobe which, he said himself, the film had portrayed correctly every single time. But the point in a film is that it has to entertain and The Social Network did its job well. Continue reading

First weblog report of 2011

In my five years as a blogger, I have noticed a remarkable trend in gaining readers: I get more readers, in spurts, over the year. They do not die down often–indeed that has only ever happened thrice as far as I can recall–and this phenomenon I attribute to my habit of providing my existing readership a quarterly update on everything new on my weblog. This practice I have not observed anywhere in the blogosphere, an active participant of which, it is needless to mention, I am.

The report, should any of you fancy pinging my blog for it at some point of time, is, you must understand, short and to the point; it gives the readers the bare facts of development that have taken place since the last such report. Continue reading