With an in-depth look at the Apple vs Samsung cases, an analysis of the patent issues in question and latest updates we try to paint a detailed picture of what exactly these companies are aiming at and how everybody else is losing a lot in the process.

The social world online, I believe, is divided into three categories: Facebook fanatics (who live half their lives on Facebook,) Facebook users (who know their limits,) and Facebook ignorant (Facebook? What is that?)

I watched The Social Network seven months after it was released (I got my hands on it only in May!) and thought the film was interesting and well-laid.…

Every year, every three months, I have the habit of letting my readers know of the important proceedings of the past 92-day period. This is done through quarterly reports posted, that examine the proceedings and new things that have gone on so far; and also how I hope to handle things in the future. These reports will also examine how many of the new practices will actually be followed on or their respective copyrights, if applicable, will be suspended for takeover by other interested bloggers. This is the first report of the year 2011, and the first report on the new address of vhbelvadi.com so you’ll know where it’s going!