How I threw SEO out the window

Like a bane, search engine optimisation, (SEO) has long driven bloggers looking for visitors towards a meta-tag-heavy, Flesch points-restrictive style of writing. That needs to change.

When I started blogging seven years ago, I had to adopt the same practice and, while there is no doubt it worked, I always felt it hindered my style of writing. There is some sense in such optimisation, but the actual method of weighing writing is far too inhuman. Continue reading

From start to finish: details and tips on how to write a blog post quickly, yet thoroughly

As promised in my recent article, I am going to dedicate this one to detail my blogging method. Generally, how to write a blog post so that it saves time, not takes it all away. Many people have asked me specifics before, and, over conversations with other bloggers, I learnt that this is one of the most frequent questions established bloggers get: how exactly do you blog?

When you come down to it, the thing is pretty simple; but some dumb it down so much that it loses meaning. A lot of thinking does go behind a blog post, and my intention today is to explain to you exactly what I do and how I do it. Continue reading

“Just write”, or, what is Swiss style all about anyway?

To mark my seventh year in blogging, as of 2014, I decided to go over my approach to writing posts, hitting publish and interacting with my readers.

Part of that necessitated stripping down my blog to the bare minimum — minimalism, as we know it — which I have always loved, (and which runs in my family, as I learnt on my last trip to Europe). Further, I have taken time to re-evaluate and re-think my approach to blogging.

Honestly, if you have ever caught your blog going stale, or through a rough time (and let us be honest, we all have) then you will be surprised how much good taking time off to come at it in a whole new way will do. Continue reading

7 Tips for Personal Bloggers

Blogging can be viewed as one of several things — an art form, a means of income, a means of trolling and a waste of time — but one thing is certain: blogs are taking an increased amount of importance on the Web space and, not surprisingly, offline too. Needless to say, while it is of absolute importance for brands to have blogs, it would not hurt a single person to maintain one either.

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Defining personal blogs

A blog can serve as a portfolio of things you are good at (or you think you are good at,) a collection of your thoughts or stories or even a public diary. Continue reading

How to add an end mark to your articles on WordPress

END-MARKS ARE A typographical feature, most probably derived from the technology and computer-science industry, that employs a use of a symbol, text or icon to signal the end of a piece of text to the reader.

Personally, I am a great fan of end-marks, and I was using them in my first blog at but things changed later and, (unless I manually inserted them every time,) I had no way of fitting one into my articles… until now!

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As magazine features

If you have ever seen an end-mark before, it is probably in a magazine, at the end of every article (see picture below for examples.) Apart from being typographically good looking, these things serve to signal a more finished end to an article, much like a full stop does to a sentence. Continue reading

The Genesis Framework: how much is it really going to affect your website?

I HAD BEEN a user of the Genesis framework once-upon-a-time. I had, perhaps, used it for just over a year, but then I gave it up. When I first gave it up, I was quite unsure of how my website performance would head from there. Downhill? Saddle? Uphill?

That last one was something I was almost certain would never happen. It might saddle, and I was prepared for that, what with so many pro bloggers saying such great stuff about Genesis. Indeed, I liked Genesis a lot when I first began using it, and I still think there is nothing technically wrong with the framework, but — purely as a matter of opinion — I find Genesis not all that useful to blindly switch to. Continue reading recommends Josh Lobe — add spice to your posts with a new TinyMCE

Today we introduce you to one of WordPress’ best TinyMCE plugins, ‘Ultimate TinyMCE’ created by developer Josh Lobe. Take a look at its many features, join us as we beautify our articles with his codework and give him appreciation over at his blog. Then download two free addons to start adding spice to your posts!

[M]ake no mistake, as a long time blogger, I have a huge affection for HTML-heavy posts; I like to craft my articles with the necessary codes myself and admire the final product. But, let us face it, it is time consuming. It is wonderful, and fast, to replace a long piece of code with a few quick clicks of the mouse. Continue reading