Village roads

Visual treats of a casual ride through the countryside

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Update: July 08, 2012

As promised I took another trip down the same road (and then some) and I’ve now got over 25 photographs that I think paint a great picture of this short route. It’s in the same album (follow the link at the bottom of the page) so enjoy! And, yes, I used a camera this time!

A DOZEN KILOMETRES SOUTHEAST of my city lie several under-explored villages, so I decided to take a quick ride around a few days ago and capture the sights of the land. While I have not really done justice to those places considering I had very little time (the rain was not helping in the least) and since I was basically just exploring it myself, I ran down (and up) numerous empty lands with hardly any well defined subjects.

Nonetheless I kept my spirits high, vowing to use Google Maps next time — and charge up my camera battery; I took all these photo with my phone because I had not really planned well ahead.

The villages that I went past were not what one would term nucleated; there was no signs of active life which would encourage street photography and/or documentation, but there were several smaller, harder to notice subjects I did like, which I photographed.

Another interesting thing were the few people who were present. They intimidated me and wrecked most of my photographs with their understandable, but hardly tolerable, inquisitiveness.

Below I have about seven photographs that I clicked en route that I think will vaguely give you an idea of the place. I have more on the way because I am planning a second trip down the same roads and will hopefully be able to take more of to shoot things and better represent that countryside.

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