V.H. Belvadi is an alien from the planet commonly known as Sol III. He indulges in physics research besides teaching the subject to postgraduate students.

In his leisure time he enjoys writing and photography. He sometimes falls into a spiral for weeks on end during which time he takes pleasure in either composing music or directing short films.

Rumour has it he is the co-founder of the online physics learning website Physics Capsule. But it is almost certainly a fact that the things you see, hear, and even feel, on this website are his own doing.

You can read essays in his journal, view his photographic works, listen to his music, peruse through his lecture notes and watch his short film trailers while you are here.

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‘Puzzles’, abstract artwork by V.H. Belvadi.
‘Puzzles’, abstract artwork by V.H. Belvadi.

When our virtual selves take us over

One need hardly be a crusader against modern technology to realise that, like any tool, it has its good side and its bad. The trouble is that far too few of us are ready to acknowledge and come to terms with this fact.

Improving and expanding Dogme Teaching

On how the ideas of the dogme method of teaching a language can be applied to teaching any subject, and how we can use technology with thought and balance.

The layman’s perspective

Better communication with people from other fields can help academics rekindle their curiosity, refine their understanidng, and benefit in many other ways.

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