This web­site is type­set in Lyon, a contemporary book typeface, designed by Kai Bernau and licensed from Commercial Type. Lyon is accompanied by Inter UI, a typeface crafted especially for screens, designed by Rasmus Andersson and available for free. For monospaced text used to typeset commands and code blocks iA Writer Mono is used; this is one of three typefaces designed for iA Writer on which I pen my essays (see below).

This web­site is type­set in Minion, my absolute favourite typeface of all time, which was designed by Robert Slimbach. It is accompanied by the versatile Halyard typeface designed by Eben Sorkin, Lucas Sharpe and Joshua Darden for Darden Studio. Both typefaces are licensed from Adobe.

If you want to complain about how Minion is the ‘default’ typeface these days I have only two things to say: (A) It does not matter because I love this typeface; and (B) it is not the default for the web and this is a website, which should tell you this was a conscious choice of typeface.