Ivar Text
Ivar Headline
Lab Grotesque

This website is set in 20/29px18.5/26px Ivar Text, a typeface I fell in love with at first sight (but then spent a few weeks over the end of 2019 test driving). It made its first appearance on this site in time to mark the start of the roaring ’20s. Another personal reason why I picked it was because I could not decide, for over a year, between Minion and Lyon, so I decided to scrap both and look at the design with a fresh eye. Looking around I soon discovered Ivar and almost instantly knew it was what I wanted.

What I like about Ivar most are its forms, its balance between functionality and quirks, its colour on the screen and the x-height that makes reading a breeze. But what I really like about it is the feeling it evokes and that cannot justifiably be described. On this website Ivar Text is used along with its Headline optical weight.

Together they exist on the screen harmoniously with Lab Grotesque, a typeface that looks ‘past the repression of Helvetica’ and finds inspiration ‘in the idiosyncrasies of earlier grotesks and gothics from the turn of the century.’ Lab Grotesque was originally designed for Stockholm Design Lab but is now available publicly.

Ivar Text, Ivar Headline and Lab Grotesque were all designed by Göran Söderström of Letters from Sweden. And pleasantly enough Letters from Sweden seems to like what it sees on this website. Ahem.