Maintaining the site via code updates is restricted to my Mac in case of major changes that call for lots of testing. Updating, testing, designing and improving are all done using Terminal and Github’s wonderful Atom code editor. Part of the reason why Hugo-based development is restricted to my Mac is the fact that iPadOS does not support running a local server yet. That said, simple changes and minor stylistic improvements that do not require extensive testing are accomplished using the Kodex app on my iPad.

Compared to my past workflows I find this to be mature, streamlined, simple and straightforward, which makes maintenance and updating (including writing new stuff) easy and incredibly quick. That last part—a quick workflow—ensures I can care for this website without sacrificing too much time or putting in an unjustifiable lot of effort. To those of you who e-mail me asking how I manage all this, the answer is simple: find a workflow that is efficient for you.