Ever since I switched to a predominantly iPad-based workflow I have found writing for and updating information on this website to be incredibly simple. Since I use the JAM Stack with Hugo, Gitlab and Netlify (see below) the app I use to sync for git is the excellent Working Copy. This maintains repos locally on the iOS Files app.

I write almost exclusively on iA Writer on iPad which updates markdown files directly in the iOS Files app, which means it updates my local repo directly with no fuss. A combination of iA Writer and Working Copy means no duplication and perfect synchronisation.

Handling images and other assets used to be done first via Google Drive and then, briefly, via Amazon S3; but since April 2020 everything has been migrated to my Gitlab repo. The primary reason for this being the poor workflows afforded by both these storage services on mobile devices. A second reason is that it is easier to make Open Graph and Twitter Cards work with self-hosted images rather than ones sourced from other storage services. Between Working Copy, iOS Files and iA Writer I can run this website in a lightweight manner.