Manu S. (@s_manu6314) writes today’s diary entry—

News of COVID-19 started gaining popularity in January this year; it got more attention and birthed fear in February 2020; seriousness about the virus increased in India in March 2020 and that too after the nationwide lockdown began.

After eight days of lockdown, fear about the virus is gradually decreasing. People are coming out of their homes now and then to buy, play, talk to neighbours etc. Also, the tight security of the police is disappearing. At my home too, the more the virus is in the news, involved in our daily lives, fear is gradually decreasing.

People’s desire for freedom is demanding that they view this practically rather than just look at the deaths of people around the world and sit back in fear. Even though the cases are increasing, people are calming down and starting to follow the WHO guidelines for taking precautions. They are not falling for fake news as much. Ultimately, our desire for freedom is leading us towards taking proper precautions and adjusting to this pandemic at all costs.

The Prime Minister called on the people of India to turn on their flashlights or light lamps and turn off all lights at home for nine minutes at 9 pm this Sunday (two days hence). His supporters are rushing to understand why he would demand this of the people of India at this point, while his detractors seem to have given up hope of India coming out of this crisis in one piece. It is hard to be a spectator to plays of stupidity.