Some opposition has started to sound against the Prime Minister because he seems to have valued symbolic gestures of support and perceived solidarity over practical solutions against COVID-19. The approximately ₹17,000 crore (about $2 billion) released to states (unequally, based on how hard they have been hit by SARS-Cov-2) seems to have calmed some people down. Not doctors, though. It seems they have had enough at last: Following news of how the government has once too often tried to shut up healthcare professionals who voiced concerns regarding insufficient supplies of PPE, they were incredibly vocal in clarifying that clapping on the streets means nothing when the conditions in which doctors and nurses have to work is not improving our bit.

Also, Kamal Hassan, the South Indian actor, penned an open letter to the Prime Minister assuring his support but voicing his concern explicitly regarding the poor response to the pandemic in India. For the story about healthcare workers see The Scroll and India Today. And read Mr Hassan’s open letter in The Hindu.