Let us talk about personal fitness. Among the many miraculous realisations that seem to have come over people, one is the importance of maintaining their personal health during the quarantine. It is hard to say whether this is because of boredom or the severity of a sedentary lifestyle that people are being forced to live—but it is a good thing. Everyone is making do with what they have: walking around their balconies (which are often larger in India than in Europe) or rooftops; dusting their stationary bikes and treadmills; doing some dumbbell exercises (as is my case) along with some rooftop cardio and stretches. I have been using the excellent Nike Training Club app and have been recommending it to others too.

Elsewhere in the country people are going on walks en masse—literally in groups, a foot apart from one another, talking all the way. The police have been somewhat successful in curbing this weird practice but in a country with the population of India there will always be some unique challenges such as this one. Hopefully, people will learn better in due time.